As Treasurer, Roby Smith will ensure that no Iowa tax dollars are invested in funds or programs that benefit countries that harm Americans or support terrorism, including Iran.

The radical BSD (boycott/sanctions/divestment) movement is a hateful, anti-Semitic plan to pressure companies, governments, and other public entities to break all economic states with Israel.

Roby Smith strongly opposes this BDS agenda and, as Treasurer, will reject any calls to break off economic ties between the state of Iowa and the people of Israel.

The Iowa Treasurer is responsible for administering the IABLE program, which allows the families of individuals with disabilities to save money, tax-free, to help their loved ones achieve greater levels of independence.

Yet, many families who would benefit from this program are unaware of it.

As Treasurer, Roby Smith will work to raise awareness of the benefits provided by IABLE and ensure that its participants get the best returns on their investments.

In Iowa, the Treasurer’s office oversees the 529 College Savings Plan, which enables parents to save money, tax-free, for their children’s post-high school education.

In the Iowa Senate, Roby Smith passed a key reform to make it easier for parents to contribute to these plans.

As Iowa’s next Treasurer, Roby Smith will continue to raise awareness for this program so more families can take advantage of this powerful resource.

Through the Junior Achievement program, Roby Smith volunteers to teach students in his area about fundamental financial skills, like opening a bank account and investing.

As Treasurer, Roby Smith will work to improve financial literacy education across the state, so every high school student graduates with the life skills they need to be financially independent and smart with money.

The Biden Administration is trying to use dangerous, unconstitutional measures to snoop on everyday Americans.

Roby Smith will stand up to President Biden and protect the financial privacy of working Iowa families.

Roby Smith knows that the best ability is availability. That’s why he’s never missed a single vote from the floor of the Iowa Senate in eleven years.

Roby Smith will bring that same dedication and work ethic to the State Treasurer’s office, where he will show up every day ready to work for Iowa’s taxpayers.

We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.

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