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Do you think it is wise spending $50,000 of taxpayers’ money on office furniture and computers for three people? I imagine an overwhelming majority of people would answer no, if posed this question. This week, I voted to remove $50,000 allocated for office furnishings for a board in the Admin and Reg. budget.

You may recall prior years when the state budgets spent more than what was received in revenue – resulting in across-the-board budget cuts. In fact, the state of Iowa had a structural deficit of nearly one billion dollars and hundreds of millions in borrowing due
this behavior.

I strongly believe in spending less than the state receives in revenue, not using one-time money for on-going expenses and not intentionally underfunding entitlement programs to balance the state budget. I want to help create a path which advances the standard of living for all Iowans, and that begins with fiscal discipline at the

Family Time
We have a child in double digits, Noelle turned 10 years old. It was a big week for her, along with a birthday celebration, she started wearing glasses, she got her ears pierced, and met her new cousin. The older our children are getting the faster time seems to be moving but I will never forget when she was born. It was a Thursday morning, the beginning of March madness in 2004, it was a glorious time of basketball and baby joy. Then a few days later, we left the hospital and I remember carrying the carrier in our house, setting in on the floor and thinking, ‘Now what do we do?’


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Iowa Capitol Picture of the Week: Iowa Supreme Court Room

The Iowa Supreme Court room in the Capitol building is an amazing room. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting and ornate rooms in the entire Capitol. The Iowa House of Representatives still holds committee meetings in this room regularly. There is so much history in this room. Many times I wonder what some of the things are that have happened in this chamber in the past. This is certainly one of the times where I wonder, “if these walls could talk, what would they say?”


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